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-How do you mean you pee standing up? 

She was confused, she had never tried it. He giggled.

-It’s easy

-Show me

He unbuttoned his trousers. It was long and pink. It looked funny, like it wasn’t supposed to be there.

-Mine doesn’t look like that

She pulled up her skirt.


Later, she raced home to tell her mother the news. Her mother listened, a faint smile on her face. Hadn’t she told her boys and girls were different?


They just were. That’s how they were made. It was ok to be curious but she shouldn’t do that again.


Her mother was quiet for a moment. She just shouldn’t. She would understand when she was older.

It took her a long time to understand. Until that time, every once in a while, he would unbutton his trousers and she would pull up her skirt and they would compare their wares. She never did learn how to pee standing up, but with some ingenuity he learned how to pee sitting down and they were pleased with that. Later, if either of them mentioned it, their faces would redden and a silence would grow between them. But secretly, those memories were stored in a box marked “Precious.”

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