Emer Kelly - Digital Marketing SpecialistI work with creative people, helping to shape powerful brands through a unique mix of creative ideas, and data-driven strategies. My mission is to help brands shape and market their internet presence through stunning online content, graphics and video. I love to collaborate with enthusiastic teams to take projects to the next level. With a background in theatre, I understand the importance of audience and want to help you reach them!

My most recent background has been in the non-profit sector, but I love working for all kinds of companies. I think digital marketing is more than a 9-5 job. It demands passion. It demands the kind of drive that has you sitting in front of your computer at 12am, excited to see how the days posts are performing. It demands whooping and hollering when you get high engagement, and imagination and determination when you don’t. It requires you to be curious and explore the world. Every experience you live through, every article you read, is something you can use when it comes to digital marketing.

Don’t think outside the box. Forget there is a box.


I was born in Dublin, Ireland and lived there for 22 years before emigrating to the USA for a very gorgeous man. In less than three years I have lost most of my accent, something I am quite sad about. I speak fluent Irish (Gaelic) but have nobody to speak it to. If you know of anybody in Portland OR tell me quick!

My name is pronounced Ee-mer. It is a very common name in Ireland but unheard of in the USA. I have had quite a lot of fun with it here. My favourite episode was the time I had a pizza delivered in under 10 minutes because the delivery man saw ‘Emer’ written on the box and assumed it was shorthand for “Emergency.”

I went to school at The University of Dublin, Trinity College. I was torn between studying Biology or Drama & Theatre studies and chose the latter, assuming it would be a lot of fun. It was. However, I graduated with the firm knowledge that I did not want to work in the theatre industry and began to focus on marketing. I see the two as similar in many ways – marketing is a kind of theatre. I still love drama as a form of expression.

I love digital marketing in particular because it is challenging. With social media & e-mail marketing your audience has to choose to follow you and it’s very rewarding when they do. It’s also a very personal form of marketing with a lot of emphasis on the relationships and interactions between a brand and its followers.

I hope you enjoy looking around my site. If you haven’t yet, head on over to my blog and pick up some digital marketing tips! If you think you would like to work with me, please do get in touch. If you don’t want to work with me but think I’m cool then get in touch too, I love meeting new people.