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I blinked and realized I was staring at the wall. My ears strained to hear the words being spoken to me and my mouth made automatic “Hmm’ noises. What was he talking about? Greeks? Why on Earth was he talking about Greeks, I’d only asked him where the clean towels were kept. I was standing half-in, half-out of the kitchen door. My body was attempting to escape by executing a slow turn towards the bathroom.

-Have you ever heard of Hippo-crates?


-He was a Greek philosopher

-Of Hippos?

-No that’s his name – Hippo-crates

-You mean Hipp-oc-ra-tees?

-Well I believe it can be pronounced that way.

It definitely can’t. All I wanted was a shower and this nice man was waylaying me with stories about hippos in crates. I started taking steps to the bathroom, just one at a time.

-…On the island of Kos, beautiful place, of course I haven’t been but I have a friend who’s quite an expert…

I was three steps from the bathroom door, surely he’d slow down soon.

-…when I was working on a script for Hollywood, great man, I’m actually seeing him tonight. Do you watch sports? We meet every Sunday to watch a game, I’m actually something of an expert on the industry…

Wow, this man was seamless. Never mind about escaping during a break in topic, the words just kept coming. Such a nice man, hate to be rude. The bathroom is beckoning.

Our bedroom door opens and my partner appears. Perfect. I dart into the bathroom as I’m replaced by his bewilderment. John hasn’t skipped a beat. I hope the water is still hot.

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