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Organic Reach isn't Dead - Keep Calm - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

Organic reach isn’t dead, it just requires some know-how

If you’re at all clued-in to the world of social media you have likely come across articles both for and against the statement “Organic Reach is Dead.” You are also likely to have seen many comments by people who are outraged an appalled at Facebook’s new restrictions on organic posts. Let’s take a moment to look at all of this, and see if we can’t make sense of it.

First of all, organic reach is not dead. Organic reach won’t be dead until the ticker at the bottom of your page posts reads “o people reached.” It is true that organic reach has become trickier, but the new barriers that have been in set in place will make you a better marketer.

If you read Facebook’s official announcement about these changes, you will see that they came about as a result of negative feedback from the network’s users. Users were complaining that they were seeing too much promotional content coming from pages they liked. This caused them to disengage with the brand by either un-following them or ignoring their posts. These actions have huge repercussions on pages as they rely on engagement to drive reach.

Facebook responded to this feedback by implementing a new algorithm this January that prevents overly promotional organic content from reaching many followers. Although this sounds like a bad thing, it is actually a blessing in disguise.

What Facebook has done is force you to become a better marketer by preventing you from posting content your followers don’t like. With or without his new roadblock, overly promotional organic posts are detrimental to your pages’ reach and engagement levels. As a general rule of thumb, your posts should be valuable to your followers. They should inform, amuse and create space for discussion and discourse.

Social Media platforms are not free advertising tools and should never be treated as such. They are places in which you can build community and brand loyalty. If you want to advertise a particular product or service, you can pay for an advert. If you are a small business, advertising on Facebook need not be expensive. Boosting a post for $1-$2 will get it in front of a large number of your followers.

Keep calm and post quality content.

Facebook’s rules and algorithms can seem overwhelming at times, but it is important to keep one rule in mind: Post quality content.

If you are posting quality content you are ahead of the game. What is quality content? It is whatever is most meaningful, interesting, and engaging to your followers. The definition of quality content will always differ from business to business, but if you’re looking for a way to check-up on yourself, just looks at it from the user’s perspective, ‘Is this something I would want to see in my feed?’ If the answer is yes, then you’re doing great. It the answer is no, take another look at the kind of content you post, take a look at your insights, and try something new.



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