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Clickbait - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

The war on clickbait

Anyone active in the online world is familiar with clickbait. Whether or not you’ve come across the actual term before, you’ve surely seen it in action hundreds of times. Clickbait is the sly art of baiting readers with sensationalist, and often misleading, headlines. The biggest culprits of clickbait are sites like Buzzfeed and UpWorthy (They’re the […]

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Market Your Passion - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

Market your passion

“Live your passion” is becoming a stronger and stronger mantra as positive psychology becomes every popular. Studies increasingly show that your productivity soars when you do what you love. Now how do you apply that to marketing? Say you run a small jewellery company. You love everything jewellery and your passion shows in your work. […]

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