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What is a hashtag? - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

What the ### is a hashtag?

I still have clients come to me every week wondering what hashtags are, and doubting their effectiveness. In a nutshell, Hashtags are the difference between shouting important information in a crowded street, and sharing it with groups of people who have expressed an interest in the topic. Which method do you think is more effective? […]

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Market Your Passion - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

Market your passion

“Live your passion” is becoming a stronger and stronger mantra as positive psychology becomes every popular. Studies increasingly show that your productivity soars when you do what you love. Now how do you apply that to marketing? Say you run a small jewellery company. You love everything jewellery and your passion shows in your work. […]

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It Pays to Be Curious - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

It Pays to Be Curious

The important thing is not to stop questioning… Never lose a holy curiosity. –Albert Einstein The curious mind is a great advantage to us social media marketers. And when I say social media marketer, I don’t just mean professionals. I’m talking to anyone who is trying to market themselves online and have their voices heard […]

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