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Clickbait - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

The war on clickbait

Anyone active in the online world is familiar with clickbait. Whether or not you’ve come across the actual term before, you’ve surely seen it in action hundreds of times. Clickbait is the sly art of baiting readers with sensationalist, and often misleading, headlines. The biggest culprits of clickbait are sites like Buzzfeed and UpWorthy (They’re the […]

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Me and Dad, Father's Day - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

Thanks Dad

  This is a departure from my usual topic, but I wanted to take a break from marketing for a moment to talk about my Father. Tomorrow will mark my 25th Father’s day, and 25+ incredible years with my dad. I remember in Ireland we had a magnet on the microwave that read:     […]

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Understanding Analytics - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

Making sense of Analytics

There are a million-and-one articles out there telling you how to increase your engagement on social media sites, I’ve even written a few myself. These are great jumping-off points for anybody at the beginning of their digital marketing journey, but what about the rest of us? Who’s got the tips and tricks for the intermediates and […]

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What is a hashtag? - Emer Kelly Digital Marketing and Graphic Design

What the ### is a hashtag?

I still have clients come to me every week wondering what hashtags are, and doubting their effectiveness. In a nutshell, Hashtags are the difference between shouting important information in a crowded street, and sharing it with groups of people who have expressed an interest in the topic. Which method do you think is more effective? […]

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