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When advertisers forget why they're advertising

I came across this ad on Facebook last week, and it immediately baffled me. It’s not a high-cost ad by any means, but whether you’re planning on spending $1000, or $100,000,000 on your ad campaign, there are some key tenets that you need to get right. The most important of these is: Tell me why I should purchase your product. Let’s watch the ad below to see if it answers that question.

This ad imparts just 3 pieces of information about their product:

  • Plant-based snack bar

  • Tasty

  • Organic

I can go to any grocery store, and find a myriad of bars that fit all three of these categories. It’s as the advertisers got too wrapped up in shooting cute girls in the park, and forgot why they were making the ad. There is no information at all about what makes the product unique, which is a shame because they have some compelling points on their website. For example:

  • Veggies are the first ingredient in their bars

  • They use all of the vegetable (peel, stems, seeds etc)

  • High in fiber

  • They are providing an easier way to eat veggies while also promoting food waste reduction.

Now imagine that ad, with all of these points included. Pair that with the free trial offer they have going on, and suddenly you’ve got something compelling.

Emer Kelly