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A Beautiful Web Experience — for 44% of Users

Websites are a key to communicating almost any organization’s brand. And when we ran across Wanderlust Cameras‘ site last week we said a mini collective “Wow” over here. It’s just beautifully simple. And it delivers their message efficiently and clearly. It’s got everything you need to know, without overwhelming you with information. The clean design allows the product to shine front and center. As do (especially) the simple animations.

But … Mobile

Considering their desktop experience is so beautiful, Wanderlust’s mobile site is a bit disappointing. With 56% of all users visiting sites via a mobile device, mobile design is NOT something to ignore. To be clear, stats vary based on industry, geography, demographic appeal of course… but it’s almost always a LOT of mobile visitors.

Wander’s certainly done an OK job on mobile. This screen capture is in portrait mode (landscape mode on my iPhone 6 is a hot mess, so hot that I won’t even show it here). The information is there. It’s readable. But the soul is gone. There is nothing special or captivating about the design. Probably not a brand killer** but given how lovely their desktop site is it would have been worth giving some extra love to the phone.

This article was originally published on BKWPartners.com

Emer Kelly