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Big Data, Meet Big Creativity

Marketers are in mad crazy love with big data. It’s what helps Target guess whether or not you’re pregnant (Yeah, they actually did that), or Whole Foods figure out how many customers will fall for their $6 Organic Asparagus Water (Yep, that was also a thing). It also helps Facebook figure out which ads to show you, and Netflix work out which shows to recommend.

Big data (even just plain old data — big, small, whatever) is the kind of word that makes some people (um, like me) instantly fall asleep. We hear ‘data’ and we think numbers, columns, graphs, spreadsheets, naptime. Good thing BKW partners has some absolute data wizards on tap — who are not me.

But what happens if some geniuses come along, and uses big data for a punchy, fun, on-trend, creative billboard campaign? Naptime ends. Immediately.

Enter Spotify

If you live in a major city in the US, UK, France, or Germany, you may be lucky enough to have seen this campaign in the flesh. It’s great on many, many levels. With a big bold design, Spotify have used their massive amounts of data to tap into the unfathomable weirdness of 2016. Their copy reads like a text from a good friend, their product offering is clear without being explicit, and their brand personality really shines through. Gold stars all around.


This article was originally published on BKWPartners.com

Emer Kelly